Alisa Trusov log 1

New beginnings

Loud click

I was told to speak into this… I am not sure what to say.

Awkward pause follows.

Hello, I am Alisa Trusov, shaper and sculp-

She is interrupted by a loud smashing sound.

No! Bad Misha! Bad kitty, I spent minutes on that thing! Urgh… You are lucky you are cute.

The sounds of someone cuddling up a cat along with a can being opened is heard.

Sorry about that.. Misha just broke my newest sculpture. I know they don't last forever, but it would be nice if I could enjoy looking at them for a few hours at the very least… But I suppose I am blessed that I can be bothered by this instead of those experiments the uhm.. 'Skutians' had with me. My head ached more than usual when the collar popped off during my resuce, a violent torrent of information forced itself into my mind… Met many other others psionics, but I will not speak their names for the sake of privacy and the like. One of them though speaks russian, just like me! I was super nervous at first, but she has a way with words. Hehehe… Hehe.. 

She enters a small giggling fit.

Sorry sorry… Heh.. I was remembered something funny. But yeah, to sum things up. I'm glad to be here amongst other hum-… I guess that's a lie, I don't feel very human afterall. As if my mind is restrained to just this 'vessel' for the lack of a better word for it.. I sometimes feel like a stranger in my own skin. I speculate it is because of the psionic capabilities combined with the implant. With any luck I'll get myself sorted out in no time and can be of more use around here! Not sure exactly what I can do, but I'll make myself useful! No debts left unpaid is after all a proud Trusov family motto.

A small pause.

I guess that's it for now. Thank you for- what am I saying? Goodbye me.

A loud click.


Ninja_Nun Failure_The_Hero

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