Alisa Trusov log 2

Loud click

Hi, this is Alisa Trusov again, just got back after picking up the entire convoy! I got to dibs the security room so I'm digging myself in here with Misha. The room is nice and warm, shouldn't get any complains from the Queen. So yeah, bunch of monitors, excessive processing power. I can get used to this, reminds me of my old days.. Anyway, the day after the party we were sent here to investigate, so we did. Turns out there were some microrganisms that killed the previous owner but according to Victoria it should be all clear now! We worked out a small intern-network, had to go super old school but now we can chat whenever we feel like it, which is nice.

So now I'm working on some kind of new programming protocols for the robot that walk about, trying to make them do more complex tasks with a bit more of a learning capability of how to do things more efficiently and faster.. The main goal is of course to make them take orders from me directly with a code phrase so I can override them should a certain someone come after me… You are welcome by the way James, just give me a can of cat food and we will be even. 

Uncontrolled giggling follows

That reminds me! Someone drew a dick on James face! Covered his entire face, it was hilarious! He sadly did not see the humour in it so we scrubbed it off with nail polish removal, hopefully he won't go blind on one eye. Oh! Those vilsae also helped tinker with my gauntlets, now I can send out incredible bursts of intense cold, wicked, I know. I am also on the lookout for like.. A small micro generator? Micro transmuter..? I remember how it looks like, but the name fails me right now.

Other than that, not a whole lot to tell… I guess that's all for now?


Hang in there Alisa, you can make it through this.

A loud click.


Ninja_Nun Failure_The_Hero

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