Elliot Hawk's Journal 4

First entry since Airbase attack

A click is heard before a audible sigh.

This is Elliot Hawk. It is the twenty seco-.. Or twenty third I suppose, but it ain't a new day until I rise from the bed!

A pause follows

Fuck me what a day, base blown to fuckin' ashes, aliens are uglier than sin. But atleast we know we can shoot'em fuckers. Spent a good time drivin' away to before we made a stop at an ol' farm, shockingly it was abandoned. We then got our orders to pick between either a mall or a police station, seeing as our ammunition situation was fine we decided on the mall.. Boy did that turn out to be a giant pain in the ass for some of us.

A soft chuckle is heard

I got a huge splinter in my ass for it, freaking raiders and their traps. But everything considered, I am glad I only had to deal with that, terrible burns and getting shot in the stomach. I mean, the bald fella, Vincent I think it was. Lost his goddamn leg, the fuckin' a-holes put a freakin' bear trap underneath a pile o' clothes.. I knew it was suspicious, I mean, there was no Rapture so why else would there be a bunch of clothes on the floor? Just think about it.

A silent moment follows

Turns out that Vickie's can heal people by just touching'em. I won't lie, it felt proper weird havin' multiple things in my head that wasn't me… And then I kept on hearin' fuckin' voices in my head without anyone tellin' me about it.. I think I'm starting to lose it. I also don't like how William moves about, he went off on his own into the darkness, I think I even heard an explosion from up there but he seemed fine. Still, leave it to a civilian to split off from the group, wasn't even sure if he planned on returnin', he just left us while we were in a firefight. 

A frustrated sigh follows

If we end up goin' out again, there are going to be some serious rules, psionics or no psionics. Anyway, that is me signin' off, sun is already up and I am about to fall over from exhaustion.

Elliot Hawk, signin' off.

A loud click is heard.


Ninja_Nun Failure_The_Hero

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