Elliot Hawk's Journal 5

Fucking civilians.

A click is heard.

This is Elliot Hawk. Well, so much for saving mankind. Drove with a fucking rotting trophy head and a dead alien body instead of saving civilians. Unbelievable, I guess that just goes to show how much of your humanity you lose by becoming psionic. Fucking insane assholes, devoid of human emotion. What is the point of doing all of this if it means we're stuck with a bunch of assholes afterwards?

A loud groan follows.

Urgh… Anyway, we went to a factory where we were supposed to salvage, but it turned out to be a bunch of civilians forced to do the fucking aliens job by wearing these weird spinal jacks. Our mission parameters changed with that. Despite some minor issues on the way, a small pack of hounds and a small fire-fight we arrived on the scene, within the factory was also some kind of weird thing, very frail looking. But it seemed strong enough when it fucking lifted William off his feet. Long story short, bang bang dead. The first thing that happened after we killed the monster was that William ran straight to the minerals, after having found out some of the civilians was his fucking dad. He literally ignored his dad to pick up metals first. I bet he only wanted him along because it was out of a sense of duty more than love. Victoria also wanted to bring back one of the civilians, a female. Supposedly former S.A.S. We then got interrupted by a swarm of metallic alien bugs again in the distance so we had to hurriedly grab what we could or try to salvage things… Rhona did something I will forever remain in her gratitude for, she did something I never could. She made a tough call, and went through with it. I know that it is logically the best thing to do to stop their efforts, whatever they were doing here. I then clenched a valve shut before we fled, but not before they slapped on a goddamn carcass of an alien and a alien head. So had to deal with that for two days on the drive back. Fucking lunatics. 

A long silence follows before soft crying is heard.

Could've brought back another kid… They were all conscious and knew Rhona killed them… They knew we took back a fucking corpse instead of another one of them… Parents might've looked at us hearing that Rhona would kill their children. We could not even give them false hope. If Victoria and William continues to be like this, then count me out for future group missions. It is not happening. 

A sniffle before a clearing of the throat.

I hate this. I'm angry all the time … No appetite, can't sleep… Even Dorothy's smile ain't enough to kindle my flame like it used to.. Maybe I am just dying inside.

A uncomfortably long pause.

This is Elliot Hawk, signin' off.

A loud click is heard.


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