Elliot Hawk's Journal 6

Well.. Shit.

A loud click is heard, a exhausted sigh immediately follows.

This 'ere is Elliot Hawk.. So William died, we lingered in the woods looking for Vincent, no clue what killed him but the body was far from pretty.. We never found Vincent so he is now offically Missing in Action. Hopefully he will show up at some point and wasn't half eaten like William.

Our mission thankfully was a success, long range fire with suppressed weaponry really did the trick. Almost lost more people however thanks to a freaking space'nade. Had three people with us on this mission also, I'm glad to say all of them made it back in one piece.

A silence follows.

Still, it never sits well with me when a squadmate goes missing or dead. It was harder than I thought to inform his father, I don't know if Vincent had any family within the convoy but I put up a picture of him on the memorial.

A deep breath is heard well and audibly.

But yeah, the mission was to destroy a control tower, we did it. Blew the thing sky-high only to be chased by a alien ship, which thankfully crashed into the ground by the shockwave. Flamethrower also seems to work wonderfully against aliens, should keep bringing it. As for the chainsword… Holy hot damn, that thing I have given far to little credit, should've asked William to attach it while he was still around, best I can hope for now is using a roll of duct tape.

Not sure how Victoria is taking all of this, she seemed strangely distant when Vincent disappeared. I just hope it make her more crazy than usual, maybe I should get her a cup of hot chocolate or something if I can find it. Oh! Before I forget, we also picked up on some hitchhikers from the road and brought them back to our caravan, had to be stuck in a freaking quarantine zone just because an alien bit me. In all fairness I thought it was not needed since it was about a week ago since I got bitten, but she's the boss of this sort of thing I suppose. Rhona turns out to be one hell of a shot with the 50 cal' rifle. She sent those hounds bouncing several feet over the ground! It was one hell of a sight.

A long pause follows before a loud click is heard.

A click quickly follows again.

Elliot, signin' off.



Ninja_Nun Failure_The_Hero

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