Jack Steel Journal nr.1

New friends

This is Specialist Jack Steel speaking, specialized in sniping if your wondering. Ive been tasked with keeping this Journal of my thoughts and feelings regarding events of note.

I had been traveling with some hikers when we found the resistance, or more correctly they found us. Apparently they were no longer at the Airbase but had rather moved out in convoys to spread the Resistance and one of their scout teams found us.

I hadn't been at their current camp site for long before something astounding happened. Two clearly alien vessels approached our camp, and they where friendly. Apparently the aliens we've been fighting are called the Skutians, and this isn't the first planet they've attacked, and so they've made enemies. And as the old saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

There's three kinds of aliens now helping us. Ardanon's, The strong ones. Venorn's, the diplomatic leadery ones. Vilsae's, the smart ones.

They gave us these earpices that transelate languages, and told us of a prison camp that the Skutians had. After we verified the information we moved on the camp, defeating the alien's and freeing most of the prisoners. We also killed our fist real Skutian.

Apparently the ones we have been fighting is more akin to enslaved genmodifed creatures, the real problem are the true Skutians who control them.

And it seems we might have a chance at winning this war, as the Skutians presence on earth is apparently spread thin. Their main forces are fighting elsewhere.

As a final note, the weathers fine.


Ninja_Nun hokon

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