Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 3

The voice is muffled as though whispering

Rhona MacKenzie, October twenty-second, twenty forty-one.

This is why I don't like making runs with civilians. Hah, civilians, I'm one now… technically. But a bear trap? We had to perform an on-site amputation, no less.

An exasperated grunt

If they have no training in the field then they shouldn't be allowed beyond the perimeter… is what I'd like to say, but we're short on manpower is what Jones would reply with. I hope the loss of his leg and dignity is enough to remind him of what we're dealing with.

Which was other humans! I want to believe that the traps were set up for any aliens that might have found their foxhole… but I can't allow myself to be that naive.

The sounds of walking on wooden flooring and the noise of drawers being opened and closed

Poor lass, clearly they kept her so sheltered, at least some of these are frilled, I mean… wait, is this thing still… shit!

Audible fumbling before loud shut off click



Ninja_Nun Tamarips

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