Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 4

Rhona MacKenzie, October twenty-ninth, twenty forty-one.

Do we, in the eyes of God and our peers, believe we always do the right things? I'm not so sure anymore… but I think I crossed it, that line between what is right and what is good. Am I a good person? No, I don't think I am anymore. Would I do what I did again?

A silent pause

Yes… I think I would. I have bloodied my hands so that others won't have to… won't have to do and… feel the I way I do. They can… they can go back to where they came from and keep their, they'll keep their consciences clean.

Sounds of muffled movement

Things will be different now, I think, when we next move out. I believe some of us face a paradigm shift and others… others… they can wallow in their ineptitude.

More sounds of movement

I never noticed before but Victoria is pretty… Jesus! Did I just say that into this thing?! Victoria's the one who wants these recorded! Fine, you can keep this record of it, I think you're really pretty, there, I said it!

A loud thud noise and the recorder shuts off


Ninja_Nun Tamarips

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