Victoria Ashford's Journal 3

To catch a bear


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This is the Journal of Lady Victoria Ashford. October twenty third, two thousand and forty one.


A pause, and then a sigh


I do not even know where to begin today. So much has happened on the last twenty four hours. I suppose I should take it from the start.


It was a normal day. People were sleeping in after the concert the night before. Then, quite out of nowhere, we were told to assemble in Hangar one. General Ross held a speech about how it was time to find other pockets of resistance, and strike back, and as such we would split into four caravans going each direction to look for other groups of humans. Mister Parker and I were assigned to caravan one, and we were in the process of making sure everything was aboard, when the aliens attacked. Despite great losses, or perhaps because of them, we managed to get away. We spent some hours driving as fast as we could away from the air base, before we finally stopped outside a run down farm, where we took an inventory of what we had lost.


Save human lives and a great deal of morale, it was living essentials we were missing. And as such they send out supply runs to scavenge what we needed. I was sent on one of these, to an abandoned mall. With me was Mister Parker, two soldiers – Second Lieutenant MacKenzie and Master Sergeant Hawk – and a Blacksmith of all things. The Lieutenant doesn’t say much, but she is an amazing marksman. The Sergeant seems to be a natural leader, though he also seems to confirm all American stereotypes. If there is a time to put aside one's differences, I suppose it is now. The Blacksmith – Mister Bradford – has also been affected by the Alien virus, and has gained the ability to form a protective layer around him. A motley group indeed. The mall was not as abandoned as we thought however. A group of well armed raiders had taken refuge there, and attacked us on sight. Mister Parker lost his leg to a bear trap and I was knocked out, but we succeeded in the end. Gathering what supplies we could, we hurried back as the Alien fog closed in over the mall.


The “excitement” didn’t stop there. When we returned to the camp, one of the soldiers that we thought had died defending the Air Base had returned, implanted with an alien device that had taken control over his body. He was only an observer in his own body. I with the help of Doctor Higgins tried to remove it, but he died during the procedure. I am about to start the Autopsy and then try to find out what I can about the device itself. The death of the soldier is a loss, but the the implications of this is even worse. I will log more once this is over with.


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