Victoria Ashford's Journal 5

Death in the Family

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This is the Journal of Lady Victoria Ashford. November eighteenth, two thousand and forty one.


Mister Parker is dead. So is Mister Bradford.. Well, we do not actually have confirmation on Mister Parker, but he is missing, and most likely dead. He is beyond our reach in any case.

There is not really much to say.


short pause


With the speed that we are losing people, we might drive ourselves extinct before the Aliens have a chance to wipe us out. In ages past, it was always men that was sent out to war. Not necessarily only because they were stronger physically, though that was certainly an important factor, but because it is much easier for a society to bounce back after losing as much as ninety percent of the male population. Were ninety percent of all females to die however, that tribe or nation were likely to go extinct quite quickly.


It might not be the most urgent priority at the moment, repopulation might be a serious concern at some point. As much as I hate to think about it, we would all have to do our duty.


A small sigh


On a slightly brighter note, We have learnt a lot about the Alien physiology. It seems they have been genetically modified, and their genes have been spliced by an amalgam of different species to improve their fighting abilities. I am very curious what we can learn from it and adapt to human use. Doctor Higgins and myself spend all available time, researching and doing tests on the subject. I have also been able to successfully implant one of the alien neurocybernetic devices into Sergeant Hawk, and there seems to be no unfortunate side effects. I am hopeful for the technological aspect of the future, if nothing else.



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