Vincent Parker Journal Log Vol.1

click pop Crackle followed by muffled sounds of Vincent steadying the recorder

Well apparantly I'm being forced to do this as some form of coping mecanism… I'd rather be working on the vehicles since we bloody need them but fair enough…

Long awkward silence as VIncent has infact put down the recorder to do maintenance on one of the vehicles before being yelled at and told to pick the recorder back up

Faint and quiet voice, probably calling out to someone 

"Alright, sheesh I'll do it, but don't expect anything deep or philosophical… so them aliens huh? Y'know I've watched Independance Day, Paul, the Alien Trilogy and strangely none of them mentioned a two-year plan of world dominance… except maybe War of the Worlds… though that film sucked, mostly because of the daughter and Tom Cruise, the book was much better…"

More awkward silence filled with coughing from Vincent

"Alright… that should tell whoever is looking over these voice-logs that I like old things… found older films and books alot more engaging than current new day crap, I mean, compare the re-make of Terminator 2 to the original version, sure the new one had all this fancy "CGI" bull-crap covering up where they couldn't be arsed to make  film but the old one had Arnold Schwarzenegger, I mean how do you beat that, plus all the practical effects and the chase scenes… also, that's one thing I want to vent about, what is with taking an old classic and re-making them to be shit? I mean go ahead and re-make phantom of the opera, never much liked it but Camelot with Richard Harris is a classic, it's some sort of film heresy to do that…"

"Right and now I've come across as an old man I'll go ahead and shut this off, "Valuable information" my ass"

Audible click and a pop as Vincent shuts off the recorder


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