William Bradfords journal entry nr.1

Hello to whoevers listening to this, im William Bradford and this is the first of hopefully many journal entries that ive been asked to do. hmm, im supposed to state how im feeling right? well im feeling okay, getting enough food to survive and i get to keep doing my hobby. for some reason theres a real need for guns and maintenance of guns around here, i reckon that if i couldn't do my fancy armor thingy id be hidden in a corner of this base making guns.

I suppose im a victim of my own awesomeness in that regard, hasn't been allot of commissions for blades yet, i suppose people have enough stabby things for now.

it is great tho that this resistance exists, that the aliens haven't beaten the fight out of us yet. I do wonder what the aliens want tho? My best theory this far is that they want the planet due to some kind of problem with theyr old one. I suppose we will find out eventually.

a beat of silence

I hope they have lightsabers, so i can steal one and make them that is, that would be really cool. i suppose id have to check if my armor is lasersword proof tho, wouldn't want to chop my limbs of.

ah, i think that will do for the first entry, goodbye.


Ninja_Nun hokon

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