William Bradfords journal entry nr.2

first day of caravaning

Hello again, this is William Bradford's second journal entry. So it's been eventful, quite the change from the calm days at the airbase. Guess ill start at the start, we and by that i mean the general decided that we were all leaving the airbase in four caravans to spread the resistance to all corners of the earth.

Well, it was going fine, putting stuff into vehicles when the aliens decided that our base needed more fire. There was one ufo blasting the base, while Aliens attacked the caravans from the ground. And boy are those aliens ugly, and well armed to boot, their guns shot something akin to plasma with lightning in it, hope we get our hands on one of those guns soon to even the playing field. They also had these ugly looking attack dogs, nasty things with a paralyzing bite. Well we got away due to brave soldiers defending our retreat, i definitively need to mention the bravery of a bunch of buffaloes who charged the enemy at the end there, eh, i mean the soldier squad not the animal.

We ended up parking the caravan next to this old abandoned farmhouse, was some decent finds in there i heard. Afterwards Badass soldiers Elliot and Rhona plus Victoria the Doctor, Vincent the driver and me where sent out to get some supplies. We got the choice between a mall and a police station and we decided on the mall since food and such where higher priority.

Everything seemed fine up until Vincent stepped into a freaking bear trap, yea you heard me, a bear trap. We couldn't get him out of it so we had to actually amputate. On top of that there was other traps scattered around, and the moment we had patched up Vincent we came under attack by the bastards who put the traps down in the first place. One of em even had a flamethrower, crazy bastard.

We did get some good loot tho, a barrett light fifty sniper rifle which is awsome, good set of crafting tools with a foldable workbench, four mossberg 12 gauge shotguns, ammo, medicinal things and food plus some sundry items.

we would have gotten more stuff if this yellow hazardous fog didn't roll inn, but still a good haul. Feel bad for Vincent's leg, hope he gets a replacement soon, was a learning experience tho, next time we look under the clothes before we step on em. Oh right, did i mention Victoria's a psychic too? She can heal people with her mind and can also do some kinda telepathy thingy, it's like we all get around a mental table to have a chat. I hope she comes with us on future endeavors, her powers are very useful.

well, i guess that's it for this entry, goodbye.


Ninja_Nun hokon

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