William Bradfords journal entry nr.3

the smelting place

Hello, this is William Bradford's third journal entry.

On the morning after we got back from the mall, one of the buffaloes that charged the aliens showed up. He had this weird alien harness on, and it appeared to mind control him. He was apparently sent to tell us to surrender or face the wrath of the masters, well were going to have to see just how tough these masters are because were not surrendering.

We tried to remove the harness surgically, but the removal proved lethal. The harness appeared to be made of an unknown metal mixed with organic components, suggesting that it's alive somehow. I hope we figure out how to safely remove these things in the future.

so turns out we are on a rotation with the other scout teams, meaning that we had three days to chill, well i say chill but i spent most of the time mixing together a vial's worth of acid. Figured it might be useful in the future.

Afterwards we headed out to investigate a factory where they smelt metals, took us two days to get there. Two things happened on the way there. Firstly a massive bug swarm rolled in, the car protected us from it, and secondly during the second night we were attacked by alien hounds. No one got seriously hurt during the attack, ah it strikes me that we should have grabbed one for sciency purposes, oh well.

Arriving at the city outskirt we parked our vehicle and approached the factory on foot. According to preliminary scouting there were people at the factory, and when we got there to take a closer look we noticed that they were all wearing those alien harnesses, apparently being used as a slave labor force. Most shockingly my father was among them, im glad that hes still alive.

Then we had our first proper battle with aliens, there was six of em using those electric plasma guns of theirs and we found a noodle monster in the factory that we also put down.

we would have taken out time if we hadn't heard something approaching the place, so we quickly grabbed some metal, sabotaged the factory, the head of the noodle monster, one alien corpse, my dad, Victoria's bodyguard and 3 kids.

beat of silence.

we couldn't save the other's, Rhona made the hard choice of granting them mercy by death. I could never have done it myself.

more silence

Elliot complained all the way back about the dead alien we brought along, he didn't seem to understand that we really need more information about the aliens and how the work. After all knowledge is power. And on that note, goodbye.


Ninja_Nun hokon

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