Dorothy Campbell

Resistance member.


Canadian drummer turned freedom fighter.


Name: Dorothy Campbell
Born: 27/02/2016 (Age 27) Toronto, Canada
Race: Human
Previous occupation: Band member
Skills: Percussion, climbing, driving, shooting
Hobbies: Drumming, water cave exploring, snowboarding, partying

Known family: Unknown.

Dorothy’s life was going perfectly well when life was turned upside down. Being a drummer and vocalist of an up and coming band, Dorothy was just finishing a concert in Ohio as the first ships emerged from atmosphere. Unfortunately, the tightly packed concert hall was a conveniently placed target for the Aliens. Dorothy escaped through sheer luck, desperation and a fair amount of unrestricted rage. Where she once vented through the hard pounding on drums, she now deals with the loss of her bandmates by filling aliens with bullets- and on occasion, her drumsticks.

The rock life chose her, and a rockstar never stops being a rockstar. Serving as not only another rifle in the ranks of the Resistance, but also a source of morale. Having been known to put on a show when hope seemed diminished, she even treats those on patrol with her to the sound of her lucky drumsticks smacking tunes on the dashboard. Her politeness borders on stereotypical racism when talking to her friends, but make no mistake; this little rockstar is a bundle of Canadian rage when angered.

Dorothy Campbell

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