General Ross

Commander of the resistance based in Ohio; an aged military for life general.




Name: Robert Ross
Born: 31/11/1983 (Age 60) USA Washington DC
Race: Human.
Previous occupation: Military.
Skills: Leadership, decision making, morale raising.
Hobbies: Literature, hunting, fishing, golf.

Known family: Unknown.

General Robert Ross was born into a military family which holds roots with army officers running consistently back to the start of the American Civil War. Hailing from the capital, Ross was visiting Ohio for a potential retirement house in the suburbs of Cincinnati to settle down in after a successful military career presiding over multiple operations in the Middle East, in addition to being instrumental in deescalating rising civil unrest in the previously pacified capital of Somalia alongside United Nations’ peace keeping forces.

Ross now bears a heavier weight on his shoulders; the survival of the fighting populace of Ohio that looks up to this veteran for leadership and guidance. Realising that the invaders could not be fought in a conventional war- as shown by the destruction of the majority of the organised military forces around the world- he took inspiration from history; the American war of independence. Instead of massing his forces he instead opted to fight a series of ‘little wars’. Utilising the locals knowledge of the land he struck out using smaller tight knit task forces at key enemy positions to disrupt supply lines and other strategic targets before hastily falling back to a set rendezvous point before the aliens could respond to the threat. He sees a war of attrition the only way to preserve the human race whilst still hitting the enemy where it hurts. For a time he worked alongside Lieutenant Jones’ company of ‘Steelbacks’ before the heavy casualties they took. Jones now works directly under General Ross, the pair’s agreement on strategy has been a great asset to the Resistance.

“We make their occupation so costly, so difficult, that the losses aren’t worth the prize.”

General Ross

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