Jess Amberton



Scavenger of the 1st Ohio Column.



Name: Jessica Amberton.
Born: 01/07/2021 USA Ohio
Race: Human.
Previous occupation: Student.
Skills: Stealth, scavenging, repairs.
Hobbies: Horse riding, skateboarding, partying.

Known family:
Father: Deceased.
Mother: Deceased.

Jess is what some might call an unlikely survivor. An exceptionally average girl through school, Jess developed no particularly life saving skills, having no plans yet beyond the next day. She was content with enjoying student life and not worrying about what next week’s problem may be. Despite this, the alien attack was a hell of a shock. Jess simply did what those hours of movies taught her; stay moving, don’t take risks, stay hidden. Living off whatever she could scavenge and hoard, Jess never let anything go to waste, quickly learning how to pick out what would be useful and had potential amongst the junk, scrap and debris. Developing somewhat of a tinkering dexterity, she has never directly fought the aliens. The closest she came to combat was when one of her traps was triggered; a coin mine that exploded and filled the unlucky alien with dozens of metal shrapnel.

Upon finding the Resistance, Jess has contributed however she can. Mostly by scavenging a shopping list for the few mechanics and doctors, as well as lending a tinkering hand to the former whenever needed.

Jess Amberton

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