Lieutenant Jones

Military officer.


Head of the 1st Ohio Column.



Name: Daniel Jones.
Born: 20/12/2008 UK Nottingham
Race: Human.
Occupation: British Army Officer.
Skills: Leadership, military training, conflict resolution, unflinching bravery.
Hobbies: Kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing.

Known family: Unknown.

A First Lieutenant of the 3rd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment, the ‘Steelbacks’ were equipped with the most up to date weapon systems and advanced communications available to the British Armed Forces. Jones graduated from the Royal Academy Sandhurst, a prestigious officer training facility. This lead to him having an exemplary record for such a young officer leading a company of his own, seeing four tours of action in the Middle East.

Lt. Jones was part of a token force taking part in routine international training with American Armed Forces in Ohio when Earth was attacked. Despite his company being well trained and equipped with the best, it paled in comparison to the ruthless and abstract weaponry and tactics of the invaders. Taking heavy casualties within the first few days, Daniel fell back to the woodlands and resorted to guerrilla tactics; hitting key targets as hard as he could, then falling back before a counter attack could be launched. This proved effective for a time, and gathered support from the forming local resistance. Alas, it could only last for so long. The combination of the neural-toxin, constant combat attrition and a betrayal lead to the Company having its already waning numbers cut in half.

What is left of the Company are unable to operate independently as a unit, instead merging fully with the local resistance in Ohio. Daniel fights to avenge his fallen men, having a valuable amount of experience fighting the ever adapting aliens. The insignia of the Steelbacks proudly emblazoned on the lone armoured vehicle that remained of his force.

Lieutenant Jones

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