Mike Spectre

Resistance member.


Second in command of the ‘1st Ohio’ column. The convoy scout.




Name: Mike Spectre
Nationality: American
Born: 02/05/2012 USA Boston
Race: Human.
Previous occupation: Wildlife Photographer.
Skills: Scouting, marksmanship, quick thinker.
Hobbies: Photography, safari’s, camping, surfing.

Known family:
Father: Dead.
Mother: Dead.
Sister: Alive in convoy.

Throughout college, Mike was the picture of a jock. Being the star running back of the football team made life rather easy for him. But once the party that was his education had finished, the question ‘What now?’ remained. Lacking any other ideas, Mike put his photography degree to use and combined it with his fondness of an exciting life; gaining employment capturing surreal images of the African wildlife- partly because housing prices in Boston were ridiculous when he graduated. Utilising and honing skills such as a keen perception, a hunter’s patience, and quick reflexes. These skills came in handy during his visit to college friends in Ohio- coincidentally when the aliens invaded. Forced to step up into something resembling a leadership role when the former Quarterback of his college team got eaten, he lead his former friends to safety in the countryside. Holding up in a remote hunting lodge until he got tired of waiting it out, linking up with the Resistance as soon as he got word.

Mike is one of the Ohio Resistance’s best scouts. ’It’s just like the safari, except you’re shooting with a gun instead of a camera, and you drive away from flesh eating aliens instead of aggressive zebras.’

Mike Spectre

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