MSG. Elliot Hawke

MSG. Elliot Hawk 4th Battalion "The Buffalos" 17th Infantry Regiment




Name: Elliot Hawke
Born: 15/06/2016 Texas USA
Race: Human.
Blood type: O-
Previous Current occupation: Professional Soldier
Achievements: Medal of Honor (Army), Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Overseas Service, Army Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon, Syria Campaign Ribbon, Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon, North Korea Campaign Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Education: TMI — The Episcopal School of Texas
Skills: Military Tactics, Firearms, Personal Armour training, Climbing, Diving
Written by hand “Codename”: カウボーイ. “Kaubōi” (Cowboy)
Written by hand “Theme song”: The Wild Card

Known family
Father: Garet Hawke (Missing)
Mother: Lucy Hawke(Missing)
Brother: Ben Hawke (Missing)

Hobbies: Football, working out, mountain climbing, open ocean diving, jokes, reading (Crimebooks)

The calm before the storm
Elliot was born in the small town of Canadian, northeast of Amarillo. Once a home to Native Americans, Buffalo Soldiers, Texas Rangers, and cattlemen. He grew up side by side with his brother Ben, the two would run about and goof about, grinning ear to ear every time they would try to bluff their way through mischievous acts. But they were nothing if not independent of each other and both quickly made their own friends as time passed on by. Truly a childhood lived in bliss.

The American Dream
As Elliot grew older he came to love his little Texan more and more, his Grandfather who himself was a war veteran. Kept going on and on about how great America was and how important it was to defend it before it disappears. Inspired and perhaps even frightened by his grandfather’s words Elliot sent his application to join a military Academy, namely TMI. He went through the Academy with ease, frequently getting top marks in the physicals and very high on the theoretical parts of the lessons. He then got recommended to be forwarded to infantry specialized training which he immediately accepted. Elliot quickly fell in love with his own image of the military and kept on going. It was during his graduation ceremony that he made a decision to be a career soldier, ready to shed his blood for future generations.


One hell of a night.
Years later, Elliot Hawk was serving in the 4th Battalion “The Buffalos” 17th Infantry Regiment where he excelled far beyond his family’s expectations. In mere months he was promoted for unwavering courage and proficiency in the field, a process which repeated itself again several times. It was in Northern Damascus at 23:45, 3rd of May 2038 however where he distinguished himself, by going beyond the call of duty where he crippled the advance of an hostile force that was moving in on a civilian refuge all by himself using clever tactics, every tool and his environment to extreme efficiency including calling in an airstrike on his position after having lured the hostile forces away from the refuge and telling his comrades to “get the flyin’ fuck outta ‘ere ’fore I shoot y’all in the dick”. He then proceeded to get fourteen confirmed kills, wounded four before the airstrike hit. During the process he was shot sixteen times, broke a leg and was thought to have lost eyesight on his left eye. Two days later he was rescued underneath the rubble where some refugees and squad mates had taken it upon themselves to see if the one who had saved them even had the tiniest amount of chance to be alive. Miraculously Elliot was found alive, despite his grievous wounds. Due to his acts of heroism he was bestowed the Medal of Honor (Army).


Shit hit the fan
It came suddenly, the sirens went off in the middle of the night, Elliot fumbled around in his bed, rolling out he glanced at the alarm clock next to the makeshift nightstand made from crates that he shared with his bunkbuddy down below. By the time a sergeant had busted into the room Elliot and his squad were already completely packed and ready to roll. They leapt into the helicopter, more angry than anything to be so rudely awoken at night. As the helicopter flew with dozens of others they were briefed that a unidentified object had just landed near the East coast, Elliot clearly remembers Jimmy making an Mars joke, the bunch laughed before they saw one of the unknown structures floating suddenly in the sky not to far away from the helicopters, they were immediately assailed by plasmic bolts. Every bolt hit a helicopter dead on, Elliot knew it was only a matter of time before his helicopter and squad would be shot. Were other officers hesitated, he took the situation by the balls and ordered everyone to immediately land. Unfortunately there was no such luck, a bolt struck the helicopter in the rotating blade. The vehicle crashed hard onto the ground and everyone who still had limbs attached to their bodies struggled to get up onto their feet before following Elliot into the woods. Thankfully the Buffalo’s were very familiar with the nearby woods and quickly navigated back to base, only that when they returned. The entire base was set ablaze, not even screams were heard over the roaring fire that had engulfed them. Two years later Elliot and his squad have done their best to help the few they can, at one point having their own caravan with nearly fifty people before they eventually got wind of the resistance in Ohio and immediately made their way there. Elliot now waits for a chance to send those Marsians straight back into space with a damned shovel if he has to.


MSG. Elliot Hawke

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