Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 4

Rhona MacKenzie, October twenty-ninth, twenty forty-one.

Do we, in the eyes of God and our peers, believe we always do the right things? I'm not so sure anymore… but I think I crossed it, that line between what is right and what is good. Am I a good person? No, I don't think I am anymore. Would I do what I did again?

A silent pause

Yes… I think I would. I have bloodied my hands so that others won't have to… won't have to do and… feel the I way I do. They can… they can go back to where they came from and keep their, they'll keep their consciences clean.

Sounds of muffled movement

Things will be different now, I think, when we next move out. I believe some of us face a paradigm shift and others… others… they can wallow in their ineptitude.

More sounds of movement

I never noticed before but Victoria is pretty… Jesus! Did I just say that into this thing?! Victoria's the one who wants these recorded! Fine, you can keep this record of it, I think you're really pretty, there, I said it!

A loud thud noise and the recorder shuts off

Victoria Ashford's Journal 4

Journal Entry for Lady Victoria Ashford. Twenty ninth of October two thousand and forty one.

A pause and a long exhale

One trait I have always valued in myself is the ability to detach, to see things with reason and logic instead of with emotions. I doubt any doctor would last long without that ability. No matter their suffering, a patient must remain a patient, not a friend. Death and suffering is part of the job, and if you stop to take it in, it will destroy you. Now… Things are not that easy anymore.

I used to be so sure of what was right and wrong. But I suppose the apocalypse has a way of twisting morality. Does the ends justify the means? Kill millions to save billions? Logically it makes sense. Surgery comes with a risk, and the time after is often painful, but we do it because the alternative would be worse. But where does that line go? Has it changed since before the aliens? Probably. It is very easy to maintain the moral high ground from afar, but when you are in the middle of it? What use is morality if we are all wiped out? How far do we have to go to survive? How much of our humanity do we have to give up to defeat them?

When faced with such a dilemma, it is easy to not do anything. No fear the responsibility of your actions so much that you would rather do nothing. But inaction is just as much a choice as action. It is inevitable that a surgeon kills someone, But by not doing anything, you are dooming them for certain.

A sigh and another pause

I am rambling. I had hoped to detail the events of our little band of survivors here, but it seems I am too busy listing age old philosophical dilemmas. I shall detail the events that led to this crisis of morality, but not yet. And To my pleasant surprise, It seems others have taken my encouragement to record their thoughts, and I imagine there are already descriptions of the events from others. I would listen to them to check, but I feel like it would be a breach of their privacy. I want them to be as open as possible when they talk to the recorder.

A long pause

What is a soldier? They fight, but that is what they do, not what they are.

Another short pause

A soldier is the one that walks through hell, losing part of their souls in the proses, so the rest of us do not have to. Well. That is how it was. I suppose we are all soldiers now… That or dead.

William Bradfords journal entry nr.3
the smelting place

Hello, this is William Bradford's third journal entry.

On the morning after we got back from the mall, one of the buffaloes that charged the aliens showed up. He had this weird alien harness on, and it appeared to mind control him. He was apparently sent to tell us to surrender or face the wrath of the masters, well were going to have to see just how tough these masters are because were not surrendering.

We tried to remove the harness surgically, but the removal proved lethal. The harness appeared to be made of an unknown metal mixed with organic components, suggesting that it's alive somehow. I hope we figure out how to safely remove these things in the future.

so turns out we are on a rotation with the other scout teams, meaning that we had three days to chill, well i say chill but i spent most of the time mixing together a vial's worth of acid. Figured it might be useful in the future.

Afterwards we headed out to investigate a factory where they smelt metals, took us two days to get there. Two things happened on the way there. Firstly a massive bug swarm rolled in, the car protected us from it, and secondly during the second night we were attacked by alien hounds. No one got seriously hurt during the attack, ah it strikes me that we should have grabbed one for sciency purposes, oh well.

Arriving at the city outskirt we parked our vehicle and approached the factory on foot. According to preliminary scouting there were people at the factory, and when we got there to take a closer look we noticed that they were all wearing those alien harnesses, apparently being used as a slave labor force. Most shockingly my father was among them, im glad that hes still alive.

Then we had our first proper battle with aliens, there was six of em using those electric plasma guns of theirs and we found a noodle monster in the factory that we also put down.

we would have taken out time if we hadn't heard something approaching the place, so we quickly grabbed some metal, sabotaged the factory, the head of the noodle monster, one alien corpse, my dad, Victoria's bodyguard and 3 kids.

beat of silence.

we couldn't save the other's, Rhona made the hard choice of granting them mercy by death. I could never have done it myself.

more silence

Elliot complained all the way back about the dead alien we brought along, he didn't seem to understand that we really need more information about the aliens and how the work. After all knowledge is power. And on that note, goodbye.

Elliot Hawk's Journal 5
Fucking civilians.

A click is heard.

This is Elliot Hawk. Well, so much for saving mankind. Drove with a fucking rotting trophy head and a dead alien body instead of saving civilians. Unbelievable, I guess that just goes to show how much of your humanity you lose by becoming psionic. Fucking insane assholes, devoid of human emotion. What is the point of doing all of this if it means we're stuck with a bunch of assholes afterwards?

A loud groan follows.

Urgh… Anyway, we went to a factory where we were supposed to salvage, but it turned out to be a bunch of civilians forced to do the fucking aliens job by wearing these weird spinal jacks. Our mission parameters changed with that. Despite some minor issues on the way, a small pack of hounds and a small fire-fight we arrived on the scene, within the factory was also some kind of weird thing, very frail looking. But it seemed strong enough when it fucking lifted William off his feet. Long story short, bang bang dead. The first thing that happened after we killed the monster was that William ran straight to the minerals, after having found out some of the civilians was his fucking dad. He literally ignored his dad to pick up metals first. I bet he only wanted him along because it was out of a sense of duty more than love. Victoria also wanted to bring back one of the civilians, a female. Supposedly former S.A.S. We then got interrupted by a swarm of metallic alien bugs again in the distance so we had to hurriedly grab what we could or try to salvage things… Rhona did something I will forever remain in her gratitude for, she did something I never could. She made a tough call, and went through with it. I know that it is logically the best thing to do to stop their efforts, whatever they were doing here. I then clenched a valve shut before we fled, but not before they slapped on a goddamn carcass of an alien and a alien head. So had to deal with that for two days on the drive back. Fucking lunatics. 

A long silence follows before soft crying is heard.

Could've brought back another kid… They were all conscious and knew Rhona killed them… They knew we took back a fucking corpse instead of another one of them… Parents might've looked at us hearing that Rhona would kill their children. We could not even give them false hope. If Victoria and William continues to be like this, then count me out for future group missions. It is not happening. 

A sniffle before a clearing of the throat.

I hate this. I'm angry all the time … No appetite, can't sleep… Even Dorothy's smile ain't enough to kindle my flame like it used to.. Maybe I am just dying inside.

A uncomfortably long pause.

This is Elliot Hawk, signin' off.

A loud click is heard.

Victoria Ashford's Journal 3
To catch a bear


<meta />

This is the Journal of Lady Victoria Ashford. October twenty third, two thousand and forty one.


A pause, and then a sigh


I do not even know where to begin today. So much has happened on the last twenty four hours. I suppose I should take it from the start.


It was a normal day. People were sleeping in after the concert the night before. Then, quite out of nowhere, we were told to assemble in Hangar one. General Ross held a speech about how it was time to find other pockets of resistance, and strike back, and as such we would split into four caravans going each direction to look for other groups of humans. Mister Parker and I were assigned to caravan one, and we were in the process of making sure everything was aboard, when the aliens attacked. Despite great losses, or perhaps because of them, we managed to get away. We spent some hours driving as fast as we could away from the air base, before we finally stopped outside a run down farm, where we took an inventory of what we had lost.


Save human lives and a great deal of morale, it was living essentials we were missing. And as such they send out supply runs to scavenge what we needed. I was sent on one of these, to an abandoned mall. With me was Mister Parker, two soldiers – Second Lieutenant MacKenzie and Master Sergeant Hawk – and a Blacksmith of all things. The Lieutenant doesn’t say much, but she is an amazing marksman. The Sergeant seems to be a natural leader, though he also seems to confirm all American stereotypes. If there is a time to put aside one's differences, I suppose it is now. The Blacksmith – Mister Bradford – has also been affected by the Alien virus, and has gained the ability to form a protective layer around him. A motley group indeed. The mall was not as abandoned as we thought however. A group of well armed raiders had taken refuge there, and attacked us on sight. Mister Parker lost his leg to a bear trap and I was knocked out, but we succeeded in the end. Gathering what supplies we could, we hurried back as the Alien fog closed in over the mall.


The “excitement” didn’t stop there. When we returned to the camp, one of the soldiers that we thought had died defending the Air Base had returned, implanted with an alien device that had taken control over his body. He was only an observer in his own body. I with the help of Doctor Higgins tried to remove it, but he died during the procedure. I am about to start the Autopsy and then try to find out what I can about the device itself. The death of the soldier is a loss, but the the implications of this is even worse. I will log more once this is over with.

Elliot Hawk's Journal 4
First entry since Airbase attack

A click is heard before a audible sigh.

This is Elliot Hawk. It is the twenty seco-.. Or twenty third I suppose, but it ain't a new day until I rise from the bed!

A pause follows

Fuck me what a day, base blown to fuckin' ashes, aliens are uglier than sin. But atleast we know we can shoot'em fuckers. Spent a good time drivin' away to before we made a stop at an ol' farm, shockingly it was abandoned. We then got our orders to pick between either a mall or a police station, seeing as our ammunition situation was fine we decided on the mall.. Boy did that turn out to be a giant pain in the ass for some of us.

A soft chuckle is heard

I got a huge splinter in my ass for it, freaking raiders and their traps. But everything considered, I am glad I only had to deal with that, terrible burns and getting shot in the stomach. I mean, the bald fella, Vincent I think it was. Lost his goddamn leg, the fuckin' a-holes put a freakin' bear trap underneath a pile o' clothes.. I knew it was suspicious, I mean, there was no Rapture so why else would there be a bunch of clothes on the floor? Just think about it.

A silent moment follows

Turns out that Vickie's can heal people by just touching'em. I won't lie, it felt proper weird havin' multiple things in my head that wasn't me… And then I kept on hearin' fuckin' voices in my head without anyone tellin' me about it.. I think I'm starting to lose it. I also don't like how William moves about, he went off on his own into the darkness, I think I even heard an explosion from up there but he seemed fine. Still, leave it to a civilian to split off from the group, wasn't even sure if he planned on returnin', he just left us while we were in a firefight. 

A frustrated sigh follows

If we end up goin' out again, there are going to be some serious rules, psionics or no psionics. Anyway, that is me signin' off, sun is already up and I am about to fall over from exhaustion.

Elliot Hawk, signin' off.

A loud click is heard.

William Bradfords journal entry nr.2
first day of caravaning

Hello again, this is William Bradford's second journal entry. So it's been eventful, quite the change from the calm days at the airbase. Guess ill start at the start, we and by that i mean the general decided that we were all leaving the airbase in four caravans to spread the resistance to all corners of the earth.

Well, it was going fine, putting stuff into vehicles when the aliens decided that our base needed more fire. There was one ufo blasting the base, while Aliens attacked the caravans from the ground. And boy are those aliens ugly, and well armed to boot, their guns shot something akin to plasma with lightning in it, hope we get our hands on one of those guns soon to even the playing field. They also had these ugly looking attack dogs, nasty things with a paralyzing bite. Well we got away due to brave soldiers defending our retreat, i definitively need to mention the bravery of a bunch of buffaloes who charged the enemy at the end there, eh, i mean the soldier squad not the animal.

We ended up parking the caravan next to this old abandoned farmhouse, was some decent finds in there i heard. Afterwards Badass soldiers Elliot and Rhona plus Victoria the Doctor, Vincent the driver and me where sent out to get some supplies. We got the choice between a mall and a police station and we decided on the mall since food and such where higher priority.

Everything seemed fine up until Vincent stepped into a freaking bear trap, yea you heard me, a bear trap. We couldn't get him out of it so we had to actually amputate. On top of that there was other traps scattered around, and the moment we had patched up Vincent we came under attack by the bastards who put the traps down in the first place. One of em even had a flamethrower, crazy bastard.

We did get some good loot tho, a barrett light fifty sniper rifle which is awsome, good set of crafting tools with a foldable workbench, four mossberg 12 gauge shotguns, ammo, medicinal things and food plus some sundry items.

we would have gotten more stuff if this yellow hazardous fog didn't roll inn, but still a good haul. Feel bad for Vincent's leg, hope he gets a replacement soon, was a learning experience tho, next time we look under the clothes before we step on em. Oh right, did i mention Victoria's a psychic too? She can heal people with her mind and can also do some kinda telepathy thingy, it's like we all get around a mental table to have a chat. I hope she comes with us on future endeavors, her powers are very useful.

well, i guess that's it for this entry, goodbye.

Elliot Hawk's Journal 3
Airbase attack

A click is heard before Elliot starts speaking.

Well fuck me sideways and call me a spacemonkey… Wait, right. This 'ere is Elliot Hawk, ahem these last two days has both sucked and been amazin' in a lot of ways. Dorothy came runnin' up to me today while I was playin' with the kids. She looked proper pretty, pantin' slightly and then she said I was a cool dude! She also asked if I could fill in for her sick bassist-whatcha-ma-callit James.. Not knowin' anythin' I of course said I wanted to help.. Best decision of my life. Rocked the stage, kinda ironic it was supposed to boost morale considerin' what happened the next day… Anyway, we hanged out and got proper wasted on the good stuff.. No hangover either, all that moonshine as a kid seems to have paid off.. "Makes ye stupid." Yeah right…

A painfully long moment follows before he speaks up.

Then the next day, the aliens attacked. Fucking spacegoats crashing during our dividin' up plan. Was goin' to split up into four convoys. So the aliens showed up, started blastin' all kinds of funky jizz jazz all over the place, some kin' o' electrical plasma I'd reckon.. Yeah that's right, ol' Elliot 'ere knows a thin' or two 'bout ol' sci-fi movies! Turned folk into damn near ashes the moment it hit somethin', then more of those fuckin' faceeaters as some call'em. I don't, but fuck do they bite. Then about two dozens of our Buffalos held the line as hard as they could, fuckin' Billy ran out of ammunition and started shanking'em left and right… Poor Billy, his wife is goin' to kick my ass for not keepin' him safe.

Another painfully long silence before a audible sob.

That's Master Sergeant Elliot Hawk, signin' off.

A loud click is heard.

Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 3

The voice is muffled as though whispering

Rhona MacKenzie, October twenty-second, twenty forty-one.

This is why I don't like making runs with civilians. Hah, civilians, I'm one now… technically. But a bear trap? We had to perform an on-site amputation, no less.

An exasperated grunt

If they have no training in the field then they shouldn't be allowed beyond the perimeter… is what I'd like to say, but we're short on manpower is what Jones would reply with. I hope the loss of his leg and dignity is enough to remind him of what we're dealing with.

Which was other humans! I want to believe that the traps were set up for any aliens that might have found their foxhole… but I can't allow myself to be that naive.

The sounds of walking on wooden flooring and the noise of drawers being opened and closed

Poor lass, clearly they kept her so sheltered, at least some of these are frilled, I mean… wait, is this thing still… shit!

Audible fumbling before loud shut off click


William Bradfords journal entry nr.1

Hello to whoevers listening to this, im William Bradford and this is the first of hopefully many journal entries that ive been asked to do. hmm, im supposed to state how im feeling right? well im feeling okay, getting enough food to survive and i get to keep doing my hobby. for some reason theres a real need for guns and maintenance of guns around here, i reckon that if i couldn't do my fancy armor thingy id be hidden in a corner of this base making guns.

I suppose im a victim of my own awesomeness in that regard, hasn't been allot of commissions for blades yet, i suppose people have enough stabby things for now.

it is great tho that this resistance exists, that the aliens haven't beaten the fight out of us yet. I do wonder what the aliens want tho? My best theory this far is that they want the planet due to some kind of problem with theyr old one. I suppose we will find out eventually.

a beat of silence

I hope they have lightsabers, so i can steal one and make them that is, that would be really cool. i suppose id have to check if my armor is lasersword proof tho, wouldn't want to chop my limbs of.

ah, i think that will do for the first entry, goodbye.


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