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  • Jack Steel Journal nr.1

    This is Specialist Jack Steel speaking, specialized in sniping if your wondering. Ive been tasked with keeping this Journal of my thoughts and feelings regarding events of note.

    I had been traveling with some hikers when we found the …

  • Jack Steel Journal nr.2

    We had a party, it was great. Also Roxy's gang of fools drew a dick on James face, he got the last laugh tho.


    Then we went to check out a possible new underground base, turned out to be an old research facility, still …

  • Jack Steel

    DOSSIER Name: Jack Steel military Rank: Specialist Born: 30/10/2011 USA Race: Human. Blood type: A+ Previous occupation: Soldier. Education: Finished high school. Skills: Sniping, Stealth, Tracking. Theme: "Alpha":https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= …