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  • Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 1

    I am Second Lieutenant Rhona MacKenzie of the third Batallion of the Anglian Regiment, or was, I guess. The date is... February thirteenth twenty thirty nine. I have been asked to create a series of running logs on my thoughts, feelings, the day …

  • Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 2

    Rhona MacKenzie, October twentieth, twenty forty one.

    Did you know that dùthchail means homeland in Scots? I've been thinking about home more and more, home sickness maybe. I've not been back in five or so years now. I had …

  • Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 3

    The voice is muffled as though whispering

    Rhona MacKenzie, October twenty-second, twenty forty-one.

    This is why I don't like making runs with civilians. Hah, civilians, I'm one now... technically. But a bear trap? …

  • Rhona MacKenzie's Journal 4

    Rhona MacKenzie, October twenty-ninth, twenty forty-one.

    Do we, in the eyes of God and our peers, believe we always do the right things? I'm not so sure anymore... but I think I crossed it, that line between what is right and what is …