Elliot Hawk's Journal 1


A loud click

"'Aight, the thin' is glowin' green, that means it's on right?"

A short pause follows

"Great. 'Aight.. So this 'ere is something that I used to do back while the world was still somewhat in one piece. So this 'ere is Master Sergeant Elliot Hawk of the 4th Battalion "The Buffalos" 17th Infantry Regiment. I'm supposed to just record my day to day activities to try to keep it all together and for them mind docs to watch over in case they think I'm goin' all crazylike. So yeah, I'm still doin' normal things.. Joggin' in the mornin', brushin' my teeth an' all that stuff.. Runnin' dangerously low on TP. I swear the moment a man with diarreah comes to the outhouse the first thin' we'll hear is the groan before the groun' will quake with the wrath of a thousand shotgun weddings. But I digress, I won't lie the thought of not findin' Ben, Ma'n Pa is gnawin' at me. I can only pray to god that they are doin' alright out there somehow."

A long pause follows before a audible sniffle is heard.

"I fuckin' hate this. Those goddamn alien sons-of-bitches are goin' straight back to the moon even if it's the last thing I do."

Another pause follows before a chuckle erupts

"On the other side, I saw that Dorothy gal today an' my heart just skipped all the beats, felt like butterflies was flutterin' about. Tried to say hello but I got drowned out as another pair of folks walked up to her and spoke. Maybe tomorrow, right?"

A loud click follows


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