Jack Steel

BOOM! Headshot.




Name: Jack Steel
military Rank: Specialist
Born: 30/10/2011 USA
Race: Human.
Blood type: A+
Previous occupation: Soldier.
Education: Finished high school.
Skills: Sniping, Stealth, Tracking.
Theme: Alpha
Hobbies: Hunting, Reading(Crime/Mystery), Working out, Listening to music.
known family status: DEAD.

Normal Life
Jack grew up in New York, his mom died in childbirth and his father fell down the stairs to his death when jack was three. He was mediocre at school, and he moved away from the orphanage when he joined the military after finishing high school.
There he found he was skilled at shooting things from far away, and received training as a sniper. He has been in the military ever since.

Abnormal Life
Jack was out hunting when the Aliens attacked. He has spent the time afterwards travelling the land in search of some kind of resistance. His search paying off when he heard about a resistance in Ohio.

Jack Steel

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