Rhona MacKenzie




Name: Rhona MacKenzie
Codename: 司令官 “Shirei-kan”
Born: 03/10/2009 Edinburgh, UK
Race: Human
Blood Type: A+
Previous Occupation: Professional Soldier
Skills: Athletics, Firearms, Military Tactics

Known family
Father: Jonathon MacKenzie (KIA)
Mother: Maria MacKenzie (Missing)
Pet Hamster: Geronimo (MIA)

Hobbies: Football, Jogging, Hamsters, Lazing on the settee on a Saturday morning in nothing but knickers


Early Life
In a city of military traditions Rhona grew up as a single child to a father, already high in the military brass, who was helping to uphold and perpetuate them. The two had little interaction through the years as she was not the boy he had always wanted but this did not dissuade the young girl, she promised to herself that she would earn her father’s respect.

The Military Career
Through the years Rhona pushed herself harder and harder, school was but a stepping stone to more important things, and soon she signed up for training with the army at sixteen and formally enlisted two years later. There was to be no ‘first woman’ achievement in this story but the drive and need to reach her greatest potential was definitely there and Shep_art.jpg it did not take her long before she had been granted entry into the Sandhurst Military Academy where she took her first steps to becoming a commissioned officer like her father before her.

First Command
It was with the 3rd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment, ‘The Steelbacks’, that Rhona was granted her first command of a small squad of soldiers moving through the war torn country of Afghanistan. The situation was largely routine with little interaction from both the locals and any enemy forces until they entered a seemingly abandoned village, about a hundred miles north of Kabul, where they were suddenly beset upon by the enemy.
The situation deteriorated quickly and regardless of how Rhona was trying to handle the chaos and her unit it was a firefight they were losing. Hunkered down in a bombed out hut she finally let the last of her soldiers, her friends, slip from her grasp. If this was how it was going to end then she was going to make them fight for it.
Rhona MacKenzie was lauded for bravery and for keeping the honour of the fallen that day but as she lay amongst dozens of lifeless bodies there was nothing honourable about how she felt.

Present Situation
The aliens arrived while ‘The Steelbacks’ were taking part in routine international training with US soldiers in Ohio. Lieutenant Jones performed admirably in keeping as much of the battalion intact as he could but it would only be so long before too much of their numbers had fallen and it was to the growing resistance movement that they turned, fully integrating with their numbers.

No longer fighting for respect or accolades, Rhona fights to protect, to make sure that it is her friends and companions that are the ones that leave this war without wounds and scars, that they deserve the ‘normal’ life that comes after.

Rhona MacKenzie

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