Victoria Ashford

Brilliant scientist and doctor.




Name: Victoria Ryder Ashford, 11th Countess of Ashford
Born: 05/11/2012 Ashford UK
Race: Human. (Psionic)
Previous occupation: Surgeon and Scientist for Ashford Cybernetics.
Education: MD* FRCS** from University of Oxford. Masters in Cybernetics from MiT in the field of Neurocybernetics.
Bloodtype: O –
Skills: First aid and trauma care, pharmaceuticals, cybernetics, translator.
Written by hand “Codename”: 天使 (Angel)

Known family:
Father: Dead.
Mother: Unknown.
Sister: Unknown.

As daughter of John Ashford, 10th Earl of Ashford, the Chairman of Ashford Industries, Victoria spent her formative years on the English countryside living comfortably in her family’s mansion, before being sent to Oxford to learn the necessary skill to take over the family business. Dedicated to both making her parents proud, and to the good that can be achieved with augments, she soon graduated as MD with honours and soon after as FRCS. She then spent two years working for Ashford Cybernetics, traveling the world, campaigning for lifting the regulations on cybernetics and tying to show what good cybernetics could do. She then enrolled at MiT to finish her education.
She was on a private jet at the time of the invasion, and therefore out of the big cities, but for reasons still unknown, her plane crashed just outside Cincinnati, OH. She was quickly conscripted by the local National Guard Regiment, and she has spent the time since then as a surgeon treating combat wounds.

*Medical Doctor
**Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Victoria Ashford

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