William Bradford



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Name: William Bradford
Born: 20/09/2011 USA
Race: Human.
Blood type: AB+
Previous occupation: making swords and larp gear for sale.
Education: Master in metallurgy.
Skills: Smithing, Gun making, profficient with swords and guns.
Theme: “Iron Devil”

Hobbies: Making swords and guns, Extreme larping, Reading(Fantasy/sci-fi/Manga), Video games, Training the mind.

known family status: MIA

Before Independence day 3, now in RL

William grew up in New York with no less than 5 Older siblings. A hectic home life.
He found as he grew that swords where cool, and so where guns. And he wanted to make them himself. Although laws restricted the making of guns in New York he learned everything he could about it.

Being quite intelligent he found his way into university studying metallurgy, figuring it would help his smithing and get him some work he would enjoy. There he was also introduced to this thing called LARPing, he found this quite fun and would make his own weapons for it.
he would later find out that there was something more extreme where they used actual metal weapons, he gladly joined in on this.

Graduating with a Masters in metallurgy, he ended up having trouble finding work until one of his friends suggested that he put his skills to better use. And so he began to craft swords and other weapons for money. He also moved away from New York to a place where there were laxer laws concerning the making of guns, so he could finally begin adding his own guns to his gun collection.

Aliens arrive

Living a bit away from the nearest town, he had time to calmy sip his coffee as the news that earth where under attack sunk in. Then he panicked grabbing stuff, trying to call his friends/family not getting trou and eventually leaving before the aliens noticed his lone house and decided it needed to be more on fire.

He travelled giving aid where he could, fighting aliens and losing most of the guns/swords he had brought with him as he went, mostly from giving them away so people could defend themselves.

at one point while travelling with a group, this blue rain began to fall. Everyone fell sick, and they all died except for william, who once the initial sickness passed felt like a part of his mind had expanded.

Finding that he now had powers, he weilded them for good. Eventually he found his way to the Resistance in Ohio.

William Bradford

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