The mighty Ardanons halted the Skutian invasion through sheer brute force and a terrifying resilience. When the Skutians first landed on the Ardanon worlds, they were forced to adjust their tactics; for every city that they took, it only served to infuriate the Ardanons and lead to even more relentless counter assaults. 
Their homeworld Jotune has large icy tundras and beautiful mountains with cities dotted about the equator- which is still colder than humans could handle. 

Medium Aberration: 60 ft Darkvision.
+6 strength. +2 Intellect, +2 wisdom, +4 constitution.
Language: Standard. Size: Medium.  Speed: Normal.

Racial Traits:
Fearless: +2 against fear.

Natural Armour: +1 natural armour bonus.

Relentless: +2 bonus to bull rush and overrun.

Frenzy: Once per day, whenever a member of this race takes damage, it flies into a frenzy for 1 minute, gaining +2 to constitution and +4 to strength, but -2 AC.

Name examples: Anrungr, Vullgard, Ruvar, Yaragar. 

Roleplay characteristics: Courageous, refuses to back down, stubborn, always up for a fight, loyal, easily bored when there's no combat/drinking to be done. Appreciates jokes and brawling. Always eager to prove personal strength.




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