Gamemechanics changes.

Changes to pathfinder base rules:

Some skills have been added, other replaced. See the Skills page.

Variant Rules:
We are using the Automatic Basic Progression system as detailed Here, as well as the Armor as Damage Reduction as detailed Here.

The Modern Path:
The 3rd party system The Modern Path is being used for stats and prices for weapons and armor, as well as equipment. The Modern Hero and the Archetypes, Training and Talents are not being used. Also, unlike it says on the site, in Resistance 1 gold = 1 USD

Due to the use of Armor as DR and the prevailance of firearms, the rules on cover has been refined. The following rules have been changed.

Partial Cover: A creature has cover, but half of the creature is visible. This is your traditional use of waist high walls and gives a +4 to AC and +2 to Reflex saves. As demonstrated here:

Cover: A creature is mostly covered, but a small part remains visible. This gives a +6 to AC and +3 to Reflex saves. Demonstrated here:

Improved Cover: A creature is fully covered except from a small gap from where it can shoot. This includes slits in an APCs armor designed for infantry to shoot out from and specially designed defensive structures as shown here:

All Arcane and Divine magic does not exist in Resistance. Any supernatural occurance is either the result of Psionics, or Alien technology. Wonderous and Magical items may or may not occur as Psionic items, Alien technology or modern technology


Gamemechanics changes.

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