Known Spacecraft

Venorn Assault Spacecraft:

Quick, maneuverable, with a surprising amount of firepower. These ships are somewhat smaller than cruisers, but larger than shuttles. They are designed to deliver troops safely onto a hostile warzone whilst laying down hefty amounts of fire as support. 


Skutian Cargo Ship:

Despite being a ship designed for the freighting of resources and slaves, this vessel hoards a vast amount of defensive capabilities. Their fuel reserves allow for immense inter-stellar journeys, with the armour, shielding and even weaponry to survive against wandering pirates. These ships are most often seen hovering above conquered cities as they are harvested.


Skutian Fighters:

Nimble and automated; these fighters are designed for dogfights, scouting and rooting out pockets of survivors. Piloted by virtual intelligence, they may be lacking a pilot's instinct, but they make up for it with inhuman response times and terrifying accuracy.

Known Spacecraft

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