The Venorn were the race responsible for bringing a plethora of species into an accord; united against the Skutian threat. Their unwavering spirit and detirmination to stand stalwart with other species may be the reason that the entire universe is not under Skutian control. Intelligent, skilled, and loyal to a fault- the Venorn believe in universal cooperation and thusly, those that are fighting the Skutians on other planets defend it with the same zeal as they would their homeplanet. This is the race thas has been at war with the Skutians for the longest. Their military training concentrates on precise lightning strikes and tactically stalwart defenses to achieve victory with maximum effeciency with minimum losses- but let it not be said they won't carry on fighting to the last drop of blood to hold the line if needs be.

Their planet Ven-Prime is covered with large metropolises with spires that breach the clouds. Large foundries keep the well armed navy and military adequately supplied with high quality armaments, whilst still spending a fair amount of resources advancing their infrastructure. It is surprising that a race with such a potent military would have such a gentle culture with a great love for the arts.



Medium Aberration: 60 ft Darkvision.
+4 Dex. +4 Intellect, +2 wisdom, +2 charisma. 
Language: Standard. Movement: Normal.

Racial Traits:
Defensive Training, Greater: +2 dodge AC.
Fearless: +2 against fear effects.

Examples of names: Lordashiv, Neralim, Trenuel, Mersoth, Kellorian.
Roleplay characteristics: Disciplined, intelligent, calm, calculating, logical, good. 


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